It was the time that defined me, but I didn’t know it yet
You were here, but I still felt so lonely
I wanted you to go

I dreamed of another place, another time
Where I could be free to be me
After all, I was still alive

It seemed that we switched roles,
But you didn’t have my patience
And I jumped at the chance to be silly

Now where are we left?
At the place where time and interest intersect
Which road do we choose?

Our path will not be easy
Our choice will not be made
Not by me alone.

The songs you condemned
Are the ones that set me free
To dare to daydream
To be me.

We struggle against the invisible chains
to reach the rising sun
but it’s spring now
and hope is rising.

We will not ever be
as it was, before
Not that I want it to be
but respect is paramount
respect is key.

I see ourselves played out in song
I see our vision depleted
I see our truth mistaken
I see our path taken.

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