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We’re more than just words on a page. We’re more than a list of our hobbies, our skills, and our recent accomplishments. We’re less than narrow. We’re more full than one 8 1/2 by 11 inch white sheet of paper. … Continue reading

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Smell the Flowers

“Look, Mama! A flow-er.” The little girl points to the dandelion growing in a sea of green grass. “Phhhhphp. That’s not a flower, that’s a weed.” “But it has little petals and everything!” she squeals. “A flow-er in the fall.” … Continue reading

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The knocking started just as I slipped into my creativity mode.  I had to stop and look up, “Yes?”  He kept talking. On and on. Finally, he left. Back to the task at hand. Brrrrring. The damn phone.  “Hello?” All … Continue reading

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As I Breathe

It was an odd situation to be in. One she never thought she could endure. But here she was, smack dab in the middle, trying to fix it any way she could. He smiled at her and reached for her … Continue reading

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