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Jonathan’s Secret

Harold was drunk again, that rat bastard. His flannel shirt was ripped, his carpenter pants smelled like piss, and his left eye was black again. It was early in the night, only nine thirty, but that didn’t stop Donnie from … Continue reading

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The Storm Rages On

She¬†pulled into the driveway, rain pelting the windows so hard it caused her daughter to question what the sound was. “It’s just the rain, sweetie. We’re going to get soaking wet, okay?” She said as she pulled her keys out … Continue reading

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A Joke

“This vehicle is the biggest we’ve got,” he waved his arms. “It’s the best, a real beauty. She’ll give you years of luxury.” She smiled, a¬†scrawny timid smile. “I don’t know, it’s just so big,” she sighed. “You’ll get used … Continue reading

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It is time. Time for a change. And not just a small one either, but one requiring upheaval in all aspects of her meager life. She walks into the salon. “Your best colorist and someone who knows how to do … Continue reading

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