It is time. Time for a change. And not just a small one either, but one requiring upheaval in all aspects of her meager life.

She walks into the salon.

“Your best colorist and someone who knows how to do a perm, please.”

“Um, that’d be Marsha. Let me see when she comes in.” The receptionist pauses, as he flips the pages. The air is heavy, though, with anticipation. There’s a crackle as the phone rings, but he ignores it.

“Marsha comes in, in a half an hour. Her first slot is open. Would you like to wait?”


She takes a seat in the corner, and starts reading her book. She is so absorbed, she doesn’t even notice the time fly by. At last, her name is called. She stands up, a little bewildered, and starts walking forward.

“Hi, I’m Marsha. What can I do for you today?”

In her own head, the thunder booms above her. The lightening crackles and jumps in it’s own show. “I’d like a perm,” she says, “and purple hair. Dark, though so it looks almost black.”

Marsha’s eyebrows cock to one side. “Hm, sounds good. A big change, though. Are you up for it?”

She smiles then, thunder quiet and lightening show complete. “Yes, absolutely.”

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