A Joke

“This vehicle is the biggest we’ve got,” he waved his arms. “It’s the best, a real beauty. She’ll give you years of luxury.”

She smiled, a scrawny timid smile. “I don’t know, it’s just so big,” she sighed.

“You’ll get used to her size, and believe me, she’ll make you feel great on the highway. Secure, safe. She’s a beast.”

“A beauty and a beast,” she thought. Her eyes looked at him. “Alright, I’ll take it.” She didn’t want to be standing here any longer. “Daddy?” she turned to her father, who was busy looking at his phone.

“Of course, dear. It’s perfect,” he said without even looking up.

She drove it everywhere she could. To the football games with Ray. To the mall with the girls. They giggled with glee at being given a ride in something so luxurious. She even had to admit, it was like a limousine service, which gave her a pit in her stomach. Maybe she should let James drive her around.

But she was leaving soon, and she wanted something sturdy. Something that would impress her new college friends, or be something she could live in when the time came.

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