Extra Gravy

(Part of a #NaNoWriMo pre-November sprint)

She sat across from him at the table, her hands curled into fists underneath the table. She was wearing her favorite lacy dress, her cowboy boots and her fedora. She had on just a hint of makeup and was pleasantly surprised when he complimented her on it.

He was looking at his phone. She frowned. The waiter came over, but abruptly walked away, shaking his head. She pulled her hands out from under the table and put them under her chin. “Hello?” she asked, looking for him to meet her eyes.

“Not yet, one second. I gotta reply to this.”

She shook her head. She went to grab her purse, and motioned to the waiter. He came over quickly, “Anything I can do for you Miss?”

“Yes, please package up my turkey dinner with extra gravy for me to take home.”

“Of course, Miss. It should be out in a few minutes.” He turned and walked back to the kitchen. She reached into her purse and pulled out the money for her dinner and a generous tip. Her “date” was still looking at his phone.

The waiter came out of the kitchen holding her package. He handed it to her, and she gave him the cash. “For my dinner. I’m sorry for any trouble.”

She stood, grabbed her things and walked out of the restaurant. She walked to the cab waiting at the front door. “To fifth and grand, please.”

As they sped away, she thought she saw him meander out of the restaurant. She sighed with relief as they pulled away. She was happy she just got up and left. She didn’t need to be treated that way.

Sitting on the couch, curled under her warm blankets, she dug into her turkey and gravy dinner and let out a moan. It had to be the best in the city, and as she poured the extra gravy on it, she let herself relax. She sipped the wine, and said quietly, “The best dates are always with myself.”

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