Teaser: From Above

Note: This is a teaser from a longer excerpt, one I expect to publish later in the month. 

Nile Wrasman looked up into the snowy sky. The light was fading fast, and it wasn’t even four in the afternoon yet. His smiled faded. He would miss seeing the space vessel float by, as the cloud cover was going to obscure his view. He frowned. What was that? He saw something there, something light, but darker than the clouds. And something roundish. He squinted to try and get a better view. Then there was a flash of light, and what he could only describe as an orb floated slowly up higher and higher into the clouds. Yet, there was something else, a smaller speck falling right beneath where the orb disappeared. This was dark, much darker than the orb had been. It was falling, falling, falling. Nile watched, wondering when the chute was going to open up. But it never did. And he watched, with wide eyes, as the dark speck seemed to float effortlessly toward the ground, much slower than falling matter should have.

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