Winding Road

They say eyes are the windows to the soul. But her face, scrunched up like this, is obviously more telling. She glares at me, with disgust or contempt, I’m not quite sure. The long winding road is in front of us, mocking it seems.

“I wish you had just asked for directions,” she pouts. “Now, who knows where we are and we have to take this road. I’m going to have a heart attack.”

I see her point. The road hovers above the cliffs, daring anyone who tries to take it just a little too fast to defy gravity. “I’ll be careful, I promise.” I try meekly to persuade her. The truth is, this road excites me too much. Maybe it’s a guy thing, but those curves! More beautiful than any naked beauty, in my opinion. The twists and turns and I can almost feel the forces of gravity pushing me back in the car seats. The smile on my face grows and I can’t hide it.

“Uh uh. No way.” She shakes her head.

I caress the keys in my hand. “Get in,” I tell her, careful not to look at her face.

She stands still. “Absolutely not.”

“Come on, we’ve got to get moving. I already told you I’ll be careful.”

She crosses her arms across her chest. “No. And I’ve already told you, I’m not dying today.”

“Then what are you gonna do? Stand here all day? Into the night? What if no other cars come by? Hm? What then?”

She frowns, I know she’s not happy. I give her my biggest puppy dog look, the one she doesn’t usually refuse. “Please?”

I open her door for her, but she still isn’t budging. Just then a truck barrels up beside us. The brakes screech as he slows and stops. An older man, bigger than me for sure, with the brightest red hair I’ve ever seen ducks out of his window. “You okay, Miss?”

Megan takes the opportunity, and I know I’ve lost her. I sigh and get in the passenger side of the car. I can hear them chatting, then she waves and he drives off. She walks to the car, and her eyebrows cock up when she sees me sitting in the passenger side. I hand over the keys reluctantly.

She laughs, then takes them and puts them in the engine. “Turns out we don’t have to go that way. We missed the turnoff about a quarter mile back.” She starts the car up and turns it around, back toward the mountains.

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