Ask The Stars

She lays in bed, her eyes tired and weary. She has said goodnight to her little one, hours before and had a quiet moment to herself. She thinks about going to look out the window at the stars in the sky, but her eyes close instead. She remembers the country stars how in the dark, the true dark of her childhood where everything seemed simpler.

She tells herself that was just a dream, there were problems then like there are today. Too many people dying for senseless acts of revenge and hatred. But they did then too. Or at least she thinks they must have.

She pulls the covers up over her head. She snuggles under the blankets even more, even though it is a warmer winter night and she’s lucky enough to have heat. She absentmindedly wonders how long this will go on. Will her child have to live through the hatred and anger, or will he too long for the simpler days of his youth?

Ignorance is bliss, in times like these, but ignorance can also be the root of the problem in the first place. Her eyes close and she imagines the stars, bright and sparkly in her night sky. We are all humans. We are all humans. Why do we hate instead of help? Why do we want what others have? Why can’t we be happy with our food, our homes, our families? Why can’t we lift each other up instead of segregate and separate?

These questions she asks the stars and they just return the same bright lights. But she knows why we can’t. She knows the pull of power that so many, too many, dream of. She gave it up lifetimes ago, but she was the one that started it all.

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