What Makes a House a Home

They showed up after work, their clothes crinkled and their faces weary. It was just the two of them, holding hands. “We’d like something special. If you know what we mean.”

The realtor smiled. Kate knew exactly what they meant. “Of course. Let me get a sense of the amenities you’d like.” She stood and went to the safe, making a big show of opening it. She reached in and pulled out the thick manual.

“Ah, here we go,” she said, plunking it down on the wooden table as hard as she reasonably dared. “Let’s see.”

“First up, the backyard. Fairy garden?”

They nodded.

“Ah, a salty pool with depths reaching all the way to the ocean.”

They nodded again. Kate glanced up and noticed a glimmer in the woman’s eyes.

“With mermaids that visit on the third full moon of the year, and again on the sixth.”

More nodding.

“Will you eventually want kids? Then let’s get you a porch with Ogre protection. That way, after any, adventures, you’ll feel safe and comfortable in your home.”

More nods.

“I’d guess that the dragon cave is a must as well?”

They hesitated, sharing a glance. She read it all too well. “No, no dragon cave. Too hard to keep fed. Plus, I agree, a bad idea with kids.”

The relief was palpable. “That means no hideaways for the werewolves either. I think a nice wide open meadow for a yard will do. With lots of those flowers.”

They smiled.

The woman whispered, “Is such a place even possible? Does one even exist?”

She smiled and stood, extending her hand. “Of course, I’ll have a few for you to look at within the week.”

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