Strange Things Amuck

She could see the sky even though she was tangled in the blankets. She tried to close her eyes, but the blue glint kept on teasing her. The curtains rustled in the light spring breeze. She groaned and rolled over, pulling a blanket over her head. But it didn’t matter, her mind was already awake. She was thinking about all the things on her to-do list already.

She pulled herself out of bed, and let her feet touch the wooden floor. They slipped on something slimy. She looked down. Purple oozed through her toes. It looked shiny, metallic almost. She sighed again. Another manifestation. She focused on her breathing, slow and even.

Teela shuffled into the kitchen. She carried her slippers in her hand, for when she was ready to put them on. Instead, her mouth dropped. Sitting at her table, eating her cereal was a thing. Not just any thing. But a thing.

It was big. Taller than her even sitting down. It glanced at her, but did nothing more than shove a spoonful of her frosted flakey nutty cereal into its mouth.

“Ahem.” Teela said.

It glanced up again.

“And you are?” Teela asked.

It rolled its eyes.

“Leaving, please.” She demanded.

It grunted. Then it slowly got up.

“You’re crazy, you know.” It said to her, and without another word, it opened her front door and walked out.

Teela looked down at the floor and sighed. “Another mess to clean up,” she murmured before getting out the bucket and scrub brush.

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