Capable of More

“Hey, Skye, wait up!”

The voice echoed down the empty hallway. Skye didn’t turn around. She kept walking. He jogged to catch up.

“Skye?” He touched her shoulder. She still didn’t turn, but his fingers went numb. He felt the icy pinpricks and looked down to see actual ice forming on his fingers.

The cold spread to his arm, then down his side and down his leg. He stopped moving, wondering if movement caused it to spread. It kept going, his toes, his other leg, his core, his other arm. He felt it constrict his throat. His eyes went wide as it took over his face.

Then she turned around.

“Skye?” His breath was shaky, foggy with cold.

“Oh, hey Canton. What are you doing here?”

The icy grip receded. His cheeks turned pink. Then red. “What the hell was that, Skye?”

She shook her head. “Wasn’t me. Don’t know.”

Canton looked at her, held her gaze. She didn’t flinch. “I felt cold, like I was freezing from the inside. You didn’t do that?”

Skye shook her head. “Nope. Don’t know what you’re talkin’ about you look fine. Did you need something?”

“Well, uh, Dustin wanted me to find you. Said he wanted to know where your sister was, since she hasn’t been here in weeks.”

Skye’s eyes narrowed. “Hell if I know where she went.”

“But she’s your sister. Don’t you, I mean, aren’t you living in the same house? Wouldn’t you notice if she were missing?”

The hallway started to turn frosty. There was a slight breeze, but Canton shivered and once again felt icy pinpricks start to crawl along his body.

“I don’t know where my sister is Canton. We just don’t see each other much.”

“Uh, okay, Skye. Well, if you see her, let her know that Dustin’s looking for her.”

Skye smiled. “Of course.”

Canton turned and ran down the hall, thinking only of getting out onto the sunny, warm field just beyond the school’s doors.

Skye watched him go, then whispered into the chilly hall, “Hear that, little sis? They’re looking for you. How cute.”

An icy wind whipped at her face, pulling at her hair, and pushing her back.

“Don’t push me, little sis. You forget what I’m capable of.” The warning spilled from her lips. The icy air swirled into a vortex then, as she watched, formed into the vixen that was her sister.

“No, Skye. You forget what I’m capable of.” She turned, twirling her long blonde hair in the air, and stalked off down the hallway. She let one fingernail scrape against the lockers leaving behind a trail of ice.

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