The Plan

I yawned just at the moment Death appeared. “Well, brother, you always know how to time your entrance. I was just going to get some rest.”

He chuckled in response. “Not right now you aren’t. There’s a new planet. Yours, I presume?”

“Pishaw, not mine.”

“Cut the crap, you and I both know you’re the only one who can create new planets.”

I frowned. “Perhaps not, brother. You know as well as I, that there is a balance that must be kept. You also know that there are things out there that happen without our interference.”

He chuckled again. It was beginning to get on my nerves. “Ah, but sister, so soon after our little bet? Surely I’m not that much of a fool.”

I shrugged. “So then go destroy it, if that pleases you.”

He squinted at me. “What are you up to, conniving little sister?”

“I would like some rest. Go destroy it if you want, but leave me to my slumber.”

I turned down my sheets and went to slide between the warmed blankets.

“It shouldn’t take me long to destroy it. Shall I record the destruction for you?”

I smiled. “Absolutely.”

He was gone just as quick as he came. I slid into bed and closed my eyes. He might be wary, but he was who he was and I had every confidence the plan was getting a splendid kick-off.

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One Response to The Plan

  1. Dan Smoth says:

    Interesting idea – death and his sister fighting!

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