I landed on the desolate planet and looked around. There was, surprisingly, no sign of life. I inched closer to the hard bedrock, and pulled out my magnifying glass. Nothing. No sign of life at all. Just a dry, hard rock planet.

Something was up, that much I knew.

I walked around the surface of the planet quickly, leaving nothing in my wake. There was nothing here to kill. I had a supply of weapons to use, all human made of course, that I wanted to try out. Their weapons were usually feeble things, that could destroy themselves at the very least, but only a few were capable of destroying their entire planet.

“Well, let’s see how this goes.” I muttered.

I released the atomic bombs and floated out of the atmosphere. I pulled out my video recorder and caught it all on film. The planet became little bits of rock, even quicker than I imagined.

One rock whizzed past my head. I reached out to grab it, and caught it barely. I turned it around and caught sight of black ooze.

“SISTER!” I screamed.

I was back in her bedroom as quick as could be. She was sitting upright in bed, a smile on her face.

“You lie.”

“And you cheat.”

“I’m not cheating. It was yours, I knew it all along.” I snarled at her.

“And now we’ll leave it to the fates.”

“Primordial ooze will not survive in many conditions.”

She smiled again. “I know.”

Her smiled was unnerving. “Then you must know how many other planets are susceptible to those conditions.”


I sighed. “Do I want to know?”

“You have to think of it this way, brother. With life, there can be death. Now you may have more to hunt.”

“And if I am already swamped?”

“Then you wouldn’t be here talking to me.” She smirked.

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