The Garden

“The vine was just looking for something to crawl up. I gave it a statue.”

She smiled at the realtor. The realtor smiled back.

“Well it’s something most people don’t get in their yards. Speaking of, the landscaping is incredible. What’s your secret? Do you employ a specific company or do you do it yourself?”

“Oh I do it all myself.” She smiled proudly. “I woke up one morning with a hankering to garden, and I came outside to find soil already overturned, so I just started planting.”

“Wow,” the realtor breathed.

They continued walking around the property. “This is the Joseph garden. It has only Kingsblood tulips, a rare, deep, red color. This was the first garden I planted and it’s always been my favorite.”

She waved her hands to the next raised bed. “This is the Christopher garden. Here it’s full of pale butter yellow flowers from the Elsie Eloff tulips, to the Tickseed Moonbeam. I thought about adding some Prism Sunshine Petunias, but then changed my mind.”

They turned and looked at another sprawling garden area. “The Nicholas garden came next. Since he loved blue, I had to include all the favorites: Belladonna Blue Delphinium, Forget Me Nots, Hydrangea, and the Hyacinthus Delft.”

The realtor stopped nodding her head. “I’m sorry did you say these gardens are named after past friends?”

“Oh did I?” She looked surprised. “Well, yes, I’m sure I mentioned it. After my past loves.” Her frown deepened and she lowered her voice. “But they all mysteriously disappeared. I mean, I just can’t figure out where they’d all go. Just the other day, Charles left to go to the store, but hasn’t returned.” She turned back to the realtor. “But that hasn’t stopped me, no it hasn’t. That’s when I put up the statue for the vine to climb. He always did love ivy.”

Her smile turned wistful as they walked by the garage. “You know, it will be really sad to leave this house, and my gardens. But it’s time, I think. Don’t you?”

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  1. Dan Smith says:

    Oh boy…!!!

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