Life is an adventure. Not a ho-hum-drum wake up every morning, go through the same routines type of thing. No. It’s about exploring new places, tastes, music and adventures. It’s about FUN. Yes, with all capitals. It’s about enjoying every minute.

For years, I’ve been a web designer. But let’s face it. Web designers are a fading breed. Templates are looking spiffier and spiffier and are cheaper and cheaper. I can’t really compete. No, because I have bills to pay, and things I want to experience. So instead, I’ve decided to change directions.

I’ve always loved writing. Some misguided advice has led me astray until now, but I’ve finally decided that I just can’t get away from it any more. I love to do it, so by golly I’m going to do it. The rest be damned.

I’ve taken a copywriting course. I’ve read multiple books on how to write for businesses. And I’ve decided that I love food. So, what I want is to write for restaurants. I’ll publish a newsletter with your newest specials. I’ll write twitter messages for your followers. I’ll send tantalizing photos of your latest creations to your regulars or any new customers. We’ll create a brand together. One that entices customers to walk into your restaurant, expectations high.


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